“Women generating social good through sustainable business opportunities”

Our symbol, the Powerful Owl

We have historically worked in the area of family and domestic violence dating back over 30 years.

Until recently, we were known as Northern Rivers Women and Children’s Services, auspicing the Lismore Women and Children’s Refuge and Lismore Women’s Health and Resource Centre.

However, given the changing political and funding climates, we are now reconfiguring to launch social enterprise initiatives to meet our vision.

What we Offer

Consultation services – specialising in Community Services Management, Governance, Financial Services, Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

Facilitation – workshop or training environments, in groups large or small

Mediation – alternative dispute resolution

Team Building Days – including a consultation to tailor make your schedule

Strategic Planning – leading your group to set goals and pathways to success

Supervision – confidential external support and coaching for staff at all levels

Our Purpose

  • To deliver initiatives that meet the needs of women and young people in the community inclusive of religious or cultural background, socio-economic status, age, sexual preference and ability.
  • To advocate for the rights of women and young people through lobbying and influencing of decision makers.
  • To alleviate the suffering of women and young people in the Northern Rivers via the provision of initiatives to meet its vision.
  • To engage in such initiatives as the Association considers necessary or desirable to achieve its purpose.


We are currently exploring social enterprise ideas in the Lismore area.  Our thinking was kick started in 2016 by a Visioning Day, which brought together Board of Management members, staff and association members to workshop the possibilities and directions for our organisation.  As a result of this day a number of ideas have been developed.

Following this process, the Board contracted Spark Consultants to conduct a feasibility study.  Spark supported the analysis and due diligence investigations by the Board, in addition to community engagement and consultancy, delivering four exciting choices for enterprise.  By far the most favoured is a low cost funeral service, which is eco-friendly, contemporary and self-empowering to those it serves.

Some of the thinking behind this innovative idea includes the recent lived experience from within our own community, where older women have died without the means to afford a ‘regular’ funeral – which were generally deemed expensive, wasteful and impersonal.  This led us to explore alternatives around aging in place and natural death care.

We are now in the process of driving the organisation to potentially provide a range of services including:  micro-financing for business women, affordable housing options for older women as well as death care and funeral support services.  We aim to meet the needs of the local region and provide employment and training opportunities to women.  We are also open to new ideas!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”.

– Margaret Mead

Our People

CEO – Punita Boardman

CFO – Julia Melland

BOARD – Lisa Thorpy,  Jen Ireland, Susi St Julian, Simone Dixon, Jill Rhodes, Jessica Jeffreys.

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We are based in Lismore, NSW

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